The reason why you are depressed and filled with stress

 The reason why you are depressed and filled with stress

You know that the most important person in your life is your parents. Well everyone knows that just because they are the reason you are in this world. But they are only the reason for your depression and stress too. Your parents always stop you from doing the things which you want to do in your life. And they are the only reason why you can't become want you to want be. I don’t know why in each and everything your parents interrupt. They do not give us the freedom of what is our idea or what we think is better. They always stop you and put their own ideas and just destroy your idea within a second.

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If you are depressed then your parents are the first reason. You just think that your idea can change your life but your parents are the first to make you feel less confident about your thinking. And that is why you become less confident and never do what you think. Secondly, your depression is because of your siblings. Your brother and sister they always interrupt in your work. If you are doing something they always and always make you stop doing does work. They to make you less confident by saying you can't do this you will never pass you will always fail.


Your parents and your siblings are the biggest reason for your depression. We can not change the situation because everything I told you that happens in each and every house. With every teenager in the world. No one understands the feelings of a teenager. And of course this leads to depression.


So only the one thing you can do it is be yourself. Don’t listen to anyone do whatever you think is right. And believe in yourself only you are the one that can understand yourself.

Author: Nidhi Choudhary