Why no one in this world is going to support you to follow your dreams ?

Why no one in this world is going to support you to follow your dreams ?

Hey guys you know an amazing fact that each and every person has a dream. Well even if the person is too poor or too rich they have a dream. To become something in their life and that's amazing. 

I know very well that most of you will be suffering a lot to complete your dreams and goals. Or you will be just doing nothing and just daydreaming about your dreams just like me. So whatever you guys are doing for completing your dreams its useless until someone will support you. And be your motivation and cheer up you to complete your dreams and to guide you to tell you whats wrong and whats right.

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So if you are thinking that person who will support you, you have it already or will have so let me tell you that you are so wrong. Because no one literally no one in this world is going to support you. Even if you will pay someone to support you then I am telling you that person will cheat on you. 

And the reason for no one will support you is simple because they dont want you to get success in you work. Coz they knoow if you will get success then you may get ahead of them. They have that fear in them so thats why they dont want to support you or to guide you in any way possible.

Now the smart people here will say that we have your parents they will support us we dont need anyone else though. So dear friends for your kind information let me tell you your parents too are not going to support you. 

So I know you want a reason right well I have a reason for that too. See if you will do whatever your parents are saying then they will support you. In easy words for example if they say to you to become a doctor and you will obey them so they will support you and guide you very well like how to study and what type of courses you should join etc. But if you said that you dont want to become a doctor but want to follow you dream and become a fashion designer than just see how your so supportive parents are going to ignore you.

From this examples it is simply clear that no one in this world is going to support you. You yourself have to chosse what is wrong and what is right. Also you have to cheer up yourself and motivate yourself. And also you have to support yourself, support your heart your mind and soul in every possible way.

And one last thing never depend or trust anyone in your life. All the people in this beautiful world are against you and dont wants you to become successful in your life.

Author: Nidhi Choudhary