Why are you so ugly| Can you can change it

 Why are you so ugly? Can you can change it?


Do you think you are ugly if yes so this is for you? I am going to tell you the reason why you are ugly.

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You are just ugly because you think you are. People around you try to make you less confident about yourself. And that’s the reason why you are ugly. The ugliness comes from a big nose, dark skin, acne, hair all over your body, and fatness. These are the reason why you are ugly.


You guys can change everything. You can change your ugliness yes you can. The people around will stop you from doing what you want. But don’t lose self-confidence in you you can fight your ugliness. And become unique.


Just do what is right dieting and exercising will help you. Just follow your aim and your affirmations. And it will change your life it will take some time. But the changes will be permanent and people will just be shocked by your beautie. So do whatever you want you guys can do it. Just believe in yourself and go for it.

Author: Nidhi Choudhary