How to give your 1st speech in English

 How to give your 1st speech in English

Firstly let's understand what is meant by speech and what should we say at the start.

So speech simply means saying about something or someone you may say a speech on something or someone. And it is said in different ways like there is a long and short version of it. And the most important thing is while starting a speech you should always greet the people around. Also, don't forget to good morning if it is morning time or good evening if it is evening time. Like in school you should say Good morning respected principal sir teachers and all my dear friends. And if you are at a place where you don't know the people you may say Good morning one and all present over here.

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1 Minute speech for std. 10th

Topic:1- Environment day

We all should keep our surroundings clean and should plant trees. We should know the importance of our nature and should always respect it by cleaning. We all should tell the importance of nature to other people who don't know about it. And doing this all will make our environment clean and beautiful.

Topic:2- Independence day

We celebrate independence day on the 15th of august. On this day in the year 1947, we got independence from the united kingdom. And on this day every year, we celebrate as independence day. We all should respect our country and should do something about it. 

Author: Nidhi Choudhary