What you should take after the 10th?

 What you should take after the 10th?

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Type of courses you can take after 10th

Diploma in Engineering.

Practical and skills-oriented training is focused on Diploma in engineering or a Technical diploma. When an undergraduate engineering degree is ranked with only covers and it is a technical course.

Diploma in Hotel Management.

Diploma in hotel management courses is divided into six semesters for ex accounts, housekeeping, food and beverage management, front office, catering, upkeep, advertising, and administration. And it's a three-year course.

Diploma in Journalism.

In journalism, the students are trained by writing different types of news for news reports and broadcasting news, and magazines also disseminate information about current trends, issues, events, and people. And these courses are available who have completed 10th or higher. For admission personal interviews and entrance exams are conducted.

Diploma in Education.

Students are enrolled in this course to find numerous opportunities for teaching roles and to work in the academic field. Students of primary level are provided with the training. Diploma education is an undergraduate diploma program of two years of duration.

Diploma in Psychology

The scope of this program is to get impart knowledge to the students about the entails of a good photography and the basics of photography. A diploma in photography is a specialized course where the students can explore different subjects and perspectives with extensive practice and with different aspects of photography. Diploma in Psychology.

Diploma in Elementary Education.

This is a 2-year full-time course of diploma to train teachers for primary level and be done with distance learning or classroom training. In this course, there are 4 semesters to prepare upper primary schools in different states of the country and to prepare students to work in primary.

Diploma in Digital Marketing.

In this course, students learn about analyzing markets, brand management, and understanding market trends. And diploma also provides students with evaluation, management, and with a well-rounded knowledge of market research.

career options after class 10th

1. Science:

Career options for Science students :

In science, you have so many choices for a career. Below is some career option for you if you are looking forward to going into science.


2. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery ( MBBS)

3. Bachelor of Pharmacy

4. Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology

5. BSc Home Science /Forensic Science

2. Commerce:

Career options for commerce students:

Commerce is the second most demanded stream. Many students like to go into commerce. And if you are the one too so below are some career options for you.

1. Chartered Accountant

2. Business Management

3. Advertising and Sales Management

4. Digital Marketing

5. Human resource development

3. Arts/Humanities:

Career option for art students:

There are so many students who are creative and they like to choose the arts field. Below are some career options for arts.

1. Product Designing

2. Media / Journalism

3. Fashion Technology

4. Video Creation and editing

5. HR training, school teaching, etc


So above are the career options for you for each field. Now you have to decide what you have to do. If you don't want to go to college and wanted to do some courses in which you are interested so you can go for a diploma and choose which type of diploma course you are interested in. And if you want to go into humans and enviornment related field you can choose science. Or if you are good at maths so you can go into the commerce field. And lastly, if you are creative and always wanted to do something unique then you should choose arts. But remember whatever you choose give your 100% in that to be a successful man.