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Amrit Mahotsav speech

Good morning one and all to each and everyone present over here.

Today as an Indian I want to share something with you all. You may have heard about Amrit Mahotsav and today I want to talk about that we have completed 75 years of independence and to celebrate it we are celebrating Amrit Mahotsav. All Indians should feel proud of our country and our nation.

The great freedom fighters who sacrifice their lives for our country. We should feel proud of them we all Indians can do anything and can fight with any type of situation if we all come together as a group. And this will only happen when we will love and respect each other and our country.

Amrit Mahotsav is very special for each Indian. As we can feel the thousands of sacrifices and a lot of love towards our country. Let us all promise to each other today on this day that no matter what we will always respect our nation.

amrit mahotsav, 15 august speech,

Har ghar tiranga speech  

Good morning one and all to each and everyone present over here.

15 August is near and we have also completed 75 years of independence it is great news for all the Indians and happiness too. All Indians suffer a lot when the British were ruling over them and so many people to whom we say freedom fighters come ahead to fight and to take back our country. They lost their life but they succeeded in taking back our country from the British.

And now we all are proud of them. Also as its the 75 years of independence our prime minister Narendra Modi Ji has decided to do something very special with the thought of      " Har Ghar Tiranga "

It means each and every Indian has to put our country flag inside their houses. What an amazing idea just imagine all the houses will be filled with the Indian flag.

Author: Nidhi Choudhary