How should you behave on your school's first day?

 How should you behave on your school's first day?

As we all know how important it is to go to school on the first day. So here I am going to tell you how should behave on the first day to make friends impress teachers and so on.

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Firstly to make friends you should not feel nervous while talking and you should know how to introduce yourself. Forex. Hii I am (your name) nice to meet you what's your name?

And like this, you can start the conversation then while talking ask him or her about their favorite colour, food, etc so that you can know that if you both like the same thing or not.

Secondly impressing your teachers on the very first day is really a good idea. You can impress your teacher by saying Miss you are looking pretty or Miss you are such a nice teacher in this way you can butter your teacher to impress them.

Also, impress your teacher by showing how kind and a hard-working student you are. You can help other students then be kind.

In this way, you should behave on your first day of school.