How to become an stage anchor

How to become a stage anchor

Friends, today we will talk directly about the topic, we will not waste time in talking here and there.

So let's come to the topic, so today's topic is, how can we speak on the mic while conducting the stage or in any program.

What are the rules of the stage, you too must be troubled often, that how we have to operate the stage according to the rules, so first of all, whenever you go on stage, you have to introduce yourself?

Many people have this problem that, in normal life, they talk a lot and keep speaking for hours, but in a crowd of people or on the stage, when it comes to speaking, they cant speak. This problem is found in eight out of ten people, we will solve this today.

So here comes the matter why we are not able to speak, so whenever you talk to someone in general, there is talk between two people, or in a group which is of friends of your familiar people. There you are comfortable because you are among your loved ones, you are between acquaintances.

But on stage or in some program, you are among strangers, you do not know anyone there, and are also unaware of their nature, among your loved ones, you know what to talk about to please someone. But here the situation is completely different.


And this is the only reason why you get nervous here, a feeling of insecurity comes in you, you think that you should not become an object of joke, because of this you lose your self-confidence, and you don’t speak.

How to become a stage anchor

The second reason is that you are the focal point there, or rather that you are the focus point, of the audience, the eyes of all the people are fixed on you and only you, due to which you feel uncomfortable, and in speaking. There is hesitation, but this is where you have to awaken your self-confidence and play in the battlefield.

If you made a mistake here, then you go on making mistakes, and then somehow you try to finish your speech, and this starts your downfall, and then the second time you never dared If you find yourself going on stage, you get scared of the stage.


How we spoke on the mic.


So now let's talk about what is the solution to this, how we spoke on the mic and spoke in the best way, so whenever your name is called, and you stand up and move towards the stage, since then all the audience's eyes are on you. But it gets messed up, this is the place where it is proved that, whether you will be able to speak properly on the stage or not, if you get scared while getting up, you will definitely give rise to bad speech.

So start the first step from here, get up very politely, go to the stage very comfortably, just like you walk when you are alone in your room, very comfortably, don't make any fuss, don't move here and there. Look, do not look at the audience at the moment, otherwise, you can get nervous seeing such a huge crowd.

Go on stage, hold the mic and with full confidence, speak the first three lines without looking at the audience, because if you say four lines, then you will become a little more confident and you can also give the next speech in a good way.

Get started.

To begin with, I salute all the chief guests present on the stage and all the dignitaries, here if you want to name a couple of people, you can take them.

Just then you talk about your subject, I am sure that you will be blown away by the thunder of applause, so you must speak this time of any upcoming program, like 26th January, there will be more opportunities ahead, 15th August, or you must register your presence in the school, college or any function.


What is stage management?


Friends, stage operation means to carry out the activities on the stage in a systematic manner, to present them properly, this is called stage operation.

There are many types of stage operations, which we will know more about below, and everywhere you have to play it in a new way, so there is nothing to panic about it, it is just like you are playing your new one. If you are meeting a friend, then at first you are a little hesitant in saying or speaking anything, but as soon as you mix with him, it becomes easy for you to say everything.

So, consider the audience sitting in front of you as your friend, then only you will be able to operate the stage in a better way, whatever activity happens on the stage, handle it in such a way as if it is of your home or of a friend. If there is any domestic function, then fear will also come out of your mind and you will also perform it well.


How to run a program.


Come, now we know how you can conduct the stage of any program, for this you have to take care of some things, take some information, about that program, only then you will be able to do something, first of all you make a list. But, where is that program going to take place, at what time it is going to happen, who is going to be the guest, who is going to give a speech there, will any artist also give his performance, you have to get all this information in time.

After that you have to prepare your speech what you have to say, how to speak, some poetry or such dialogues which will leave an impact on the hearts of the people.

Just then you have to go on the appointed day and try to give your best, success will surely accompany you.


What are the rules of stage operation?


Introducing is not meant to be done as soon as it is said that brother, hello my name is this, I do this, etc… No, not like this my brother, just in style, as I am telling you below.

Hello my dear friends, today your friend has come between you who will support you till the end of this program, it is your turn now

So this relationship is of our centuries, it just changes the form, if some other anchor comes in front of you, then today I have come to support your friend (by whatever name) so let's start the wonderful journey of this program. Yes, with your loud applause.

So you have to bang like this, then you can add anything else to it according to you, then whatever program you are presenting, you go on doing it that way.


Patriotic stage operation.


See, as I had already said that the stage is organized in different ways in different places, and it is also necessary to do so, so today here we tell you that if there is a program of patriotism, then how to do anchoring.

Here you can make patriotic slogans, speak patriotic poetry, as well as speak about our patriots in their honor, if there is ever a chance that you are suddenly asked to speak, then you can read the biography of patriots or You can talk about their work.

While operating the platform, you can tell the youth of the country that what we have to do, what are the qualities or things that we should learn from our martyrs, can we do something so that we do not have any further problems. There should not be any harm on our country, or how should we live together, in today's program we have gathered, so why, what is the reason, you can do many such things.


How to do Anchoring on 15th August.


Friends, if you want to conduct anchoring or stage operations on 15th August Independence Day, then it is very easy, just you can go on stage and speak about your country, about the constitution, or about patriots.

As it is easy for you, so I have prepared a short speech for you, which you can speak as it is, or if you want to include any other thing in it, you can do it.

I bow at the feet of Mother Bharati, I bow to the martyrs of the country, it is my good fortune that I got the opportunity to say something about those great people, I bow towards the dignitaries sitting and all the friends present over here.

This is the time to wake up, what will happen by sleeping, those who are sleeping even while awake, they have to be awakened, and we have to make our India a sleeping bird, live for the country, die for the country, this land of the country. This earth, this land is ours, so we have to take care of it.

What will happen by saying Vande Mataram, until the voice comes out from the heart, let's all together make a new India, we decorate some dreams for the coming generation.

Every year on this day we gather, later where we are again, we forget that in just two days, it happens next year, we miss it again.

Forever we make this day the reason for this day, in our hearts, you and we unite and make India, today is the time to say all this, that's why I am saying, I too have been in my heart for years. I am cherishing a dream.

Let's make a promise today, make an intention, will support everyone, stay with everyone, the country will be first, everything else will come later, then we will see the bright future of India, before leaving today we will bow to mother India, of India. We will bow towards the brave sons, and with a new ray of hope, I bid farewell to all of you.

Jai Hind, Bharat Mata Ki Jai

Just this way you can end your speech. I am pretty sure people will go crazy after hearing your speech. Everyone will appreciate you for your wonderful speech. And your love towards your country.