Why do you hate your parents

 Why do you hate your parents?

Guys what do you think of your parents. Some will maybe say they love their parents and some like me will say they hate their parents.

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The reason behind loving your parents is simple. It means that if you are loving your parents then they might give you whatever you want. They always understand you stand with you whenever you need them etc.


But the reason behind hating your parents is that. They never understand you never support you. As in my case, my father did not support me in drawing he was like what will you achieve from it? And also not take me to the competition. I was so sad and depressed why I mean why did our parents behave like this to us. Parents always decide what is good and what is bad. Why do we not get a chance to decide? They are the reason we are in this world but it doesn't mean that they will do with you what they want. They give you what you want but do not give you that love you want. This just happens with the kids of a middle-class family. I mean we have to understand as a teenager what is good and what is bad. So why do parents interrupt and stop you from doing the things you like. Like again in my chase I love BTS I like to watch their run BTS eps and also to listen to their songs. But my parents don’t know why but says stop watching them. I mean I have my own life pls let me enjoy it. I am at least not doing something bad.

 Parents told you to do housework if they are working out. So we do right but then to parents shout you if you did not do something. I mean we are kids pls try to understand us. In my case to my parents do my insults in front of others. If I left some work and did it pls leave me alone I know I will do it don’t need to shout or beat me.


I know these things literally every child has to suffer. No way of getting out of this. And this makes you feel lonely and depressed.

Author: Nidhi Choudhary